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'I do a minimum of 15 hours a day,' admitted Mitenka, a few days before reaching her final goal, an average day starting around noon. 'I set myself on all battlefields, and waiting takes so long. I have time to prepare food that WoW Classic Gold consists of a frozen burrito or pizza. If I'm adventurous, I can go for McDonalds. I always have three or four coke boxes ready to be awakened. I will play until about 4 am, when honor will allow me to see the progress made, and then go to sleep and start all over again. Mitenka played for four and a half months. 'It's funny,' he says, 'if you do not sleep long enough, you stop being tired.'

This reflects Hekter's experience: 'There was no talent for it. At the end, it was enough to wait in the queue, join, close your eyes, break the keys and the game is over. It's like a zombie.

I could not deal with this lifestyle. In my own application to High Warlord, I deliberately made the decision to sleep at night; so I did it unthinkable ... I gave my nights in China to one dollar an hour. I was still playing during the day, but when I was sleeping, the Chinese doppelganger was still playing for me. I did something wrong: having many players playing one character hurts legitimate players, forcing them to follow my help and the help of my company.

How do players react to this type of fraud? Some, like Mitenka, try to get justice. 'After three weeks of reporting [crooks] he was finally suspended for a week, and next week he returned and did the same until he gets rank 14. Others, like Mojak, simply increase the time in which they have to follow. 'Everyone will get angry ... you have a 14th place and someone else pays the price. But what are you going to do? This is how the game works.

In order to preserve the mental health and social life of their best players, some groups form pseudocards and introduce a 'spending ceiling'. Players who approach the market to play less collectively, win the same rank, but it takes less time. The system determines the ranking by the distance of each player's points to the points of the best player in a given week: if the first player does not earn too many points, everyone gains, but even if only one player exceeds the limit, all others may be withdrawn for a week or more, while for player who has exceeded the limit, this may mean that he is going a few weeks earlier. This happens quite often, even for other loyal players. In the second or third month, some are so tired that breaking the trust of a friend means nothing compared to achieving rank 14 earlier than expected.

Mitenka is one of those who try to impose a limit on the best players on his server, but every week a new player must have been convinced that saving money will save time Buy WoW Classic Items . I do not have a hat! What hat? Did Blizzard put on a hat? And I would be like uh, no! All the smelters agreed on the hat and would be 'good, I do not agree on the hat!' So you can do little. 'After weeks of frustration, Mitenka abandoned the system and broke her honor hat. His reputation has been ruined accordingly.

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