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Welcome!  BurstMiningTown.com has issued it's first asset which is self titled. Comments are encouraged good or bad. 

The Asset ID is 8392778179366895397 and you can visit BurstNations Block Explorer or to see current share status. 

This will be the general article to discuss the Asset.   

We will have a second article that contains a full description of the Asset's operational plan.  Visit the Description Article

The last article has the links to the original and subsequent spreadsheets related to the financial state of the Asset. Check out the Spreadsheet Links

Let's hear what you think?



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description business plan


Description of Asset


This asset is backed by 60+TB of HDD Mining and a 7 GPU mining rig. This Asset is also backed by the website www.BURSTMININGTOWN.com.  

Beginning March 15th, and on the 15th and 1st of every month after that, I will distribute:

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Poll for mining strategy


We have forged 4 blocks in the last 50 days. If we had been solo mining we would have earned 1500 more burst in that time? Solo or Pool mine?
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spreadsheets shares assets

Spreadsheet below describes financial status on 2-17-18

Starting Spreadsheet February 17th

A spreadsheet of all plotted files, computers, and HDDs on each computer as of 2/28/18

Spreadsheet of Plotted Files February 28th



Red=Plotted but not mining


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